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Walker Farms was originally chosen as the flower variety source for the orange blossom and saw palmetto honey used in "beehive beeproducts" Sampler Honey Set.  This Sampler Honey Set made Oprah Winfrey's The O List "A few things I think are just great."-OPRAH

ANNE HARMAN (founder of "beehive beeproducts nyc") writes to Joyce Walker of Walker Farms:  "Dear Joyce,...Oprah's had your honey...I think she's quite smitten with it...It really is the best Orange Blossom honey I've ever had...I know people are blown away by it.  I'm proud to be able to sell it."

A Taste of Honey

"This set has nine different flavors, from sage to blueberry.  I like drizzling the sweet orange blossom over a toasty crumpet or an English muffin." - OPRAH

The Oprah Magazine, June 2001 issue (page 87)





Walker Farms Honey, bees, wax, palmetto, orange blossom

We offer customized gift baskets from Just Bee Free which can include our honey, plus Just Bee Free, LLC products.

Contact Just Bee Free to pre-order your gift baskets or visit us at the farm to customize your own to include products such as natural Beeswax candles, all natural goats milk, glycerin soaps, and/or natural skincare products.

Just Bee Free, LLC Contact Information for gift baskets: 239.443.6474 (gift basket orders only) or email Just Bee Free at Justbeefree1@gmail.com (gift basket orders only). 

For Walker Farms Honey and Walker Farms Products:   239.543.8071  EMAIL

Walker Farms Honey, bees, wax, palmetto, orange blossom

This way for Pure Local Honey and Beeswax


Our customer in Indiana has bees that make a beeline visit daily to his home to enjoy the wonderful taste of black mangrove honey from South Florida.

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Walker Farms Honey, bees, wax, palmetto, orange blossom

Local area customers are provided with easy method of picking up their "sweet" order via the "honey pick up" mailbox at the gate.

Follow the signs to our HONEY... and come on back to our honey house, shop, and sit-and-talk area.

One of the many Saw Palmettos on our property.

Welcome to our honey house.

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Walker Farms Honey, bees, wax, palmetto, orange blossom

Walker Farms
6251 Bee Charmer Lane*

N Fort Myers, FL 33917

map & driving directions

*If using GPS then use: 17131 Slater Rd, N Fort Myers, FL

Store Hours:  10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Saturday
During Store Off Hours: Please phone for appointment

Phone:  (239) 543-8071
Fax: (239) 543-8762

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Walker Farms Honey, bees, wax, palmetto, orange blossom
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